The Route 66 10K course takes place on surface streets and the MCT trails.

The Route 66 10K is a loop course with different scenery along the way.

The race starts  in downtown Edwardsville on West Park St at South Main Street. The first 2.5 miles is challenging with several turns through residential areas. The course travels north on 2nd street for a little incline at mile 1.

After some rolling hills participants encounter the largest hill on the course just before the 2 mile marker. It is a short hill but can take participants by surprise. Running downhill at the 2 mile marker is the first water station at the parking lot of the Watershed Nature Center.

The course inclines quickly just before turning onto the beautiful Madison County Transit bike trails. The course changes views from residential roads to the tree covered paved bike trails. The course travels on the Watershed bike trail with a U-turn onto the Goshen bike trail for the next 3.2 miles.

At the 4 mile marker, is the second water station just pass the IL Rt-157 underpass. The third water station is at 5 mile.

After participants rehydrates the course encounters a series  of turns and hills going thru underpasses. The course turns off the MCT bike trails and onto the wide sidewalk on IL Rt-159. The course returns back on the city roads for the last 1/2 mile to finish at City Park where runners and walkers can celebrate at the Route 66 Festival.

 The Course

Rt6610K coursemap13


Route 66  10k elevation